Make Recurring Money by Hosting WordPress Sites Course

Make Recurring Money Hosting WordPress Sites Course
Make Recurring Money Hosting WordPress Sites Course: Reduce cost by building your own servers, automate daily backups, and make monthly income from clients.
  • Lectures: 17
  • Video: 1 Hours
  • Skill level: intermediate level
  • Languages: English
  • Size: 237 MB
  • Price: 79$ Free

Course Description

So you want to learn how to host your own WordPress sites? You’re in the right place! This course will teach you not only how to host your own sites (to save money), but also how you can make recurring money by hosting client sites.

Think of this course as a Do-It-Yourself guide to learning proven techniques that will allow you to easily set up a server yourself and make recurring monthly income from hosting websites. Say goodbye to paying a high price for an all-inclusive web hosting company or expensive hosting 1-click add ons.

Whether you’ve built a VPS server before or you’re looking to offer your clients web hosting, there will be plenty to learn from this course. Each lesson has a worksheet with the links and commands discussed in the corresponding video.

We’ll cover a lot in this course, from comparing a Virtual Private Server against the commonly used shared hosting, purchasing a VPS, using the command line on both Mac and Windows, installing the server packages you’ll need and configuring them, and also installing the database and then the WordPress files.

We’ll stress test your new server so you can have the confidence in what you’re building and if you plan on selling hosting plans to clients, you’ll have the confidence behind what you’re offering. You can easily charge $30/mo per client for the value that you’ll be able to offer after taking this course.

I’ll show you how to host multiple sites on the same server that you’re already getting an incredible deal on, which further increases your profit margin.

Automation helps build processes that every business needs to succeed, and it also makes a team of 1 feel like so much more. I’ll show you how to set up automated daily back ups of your database and as a bonus, I’ve developed an exclusive command line script that takes everything you’ll learn and automates building a server for you. In about a minute you can go from a fresh server to the standard Hello World! blog post you get with a WordPress installation.

I look forward to teaching you how you can make money hosting WordPress sites!

What are the requirements?

  • Students should understand that this course will be face-paced screencasts of the process, where I explain what we’re doing and why.
  • This course is for students with a Mac (or Linux-based) or Windows machine. Students with a Mac should have the Terminal app (or similar) installed. Windows students will need puTTY. Both of which we will cover in the Getting Started steps.
  • You should come prepared to spend a few dollars on a new VPS hosting plan; in this course I use RamNode. This course does not cover or test other providers, and although the material and scripts should work on other hosts, to learn the material successfully, and follow through the steps exactly, it’s required you follow along using this provider. Once you’ve learned the material successfully, you should be able to take this knowledge and apply it with only minor modifications based on how the hosting provider works – if any differently.
  • You should own at least 1 domain, through GoDaddy, for example. We’ll use the top-level or a sub-domain for the course.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 17 lectures and 53 mins of content!
  • Understand what a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is and why it’s better than shared hosting
  • Save money by learning how to host websites on a Linux-based VPS manually, versus paying extra for CPanel or using expensive one-click hosting providers
  • Specifically, learn how to set up multiple WordPress sites per server using the command line, on Ubuntu Linux and Nginx
  • Build a non-cloud VPS from scratch to host multiple sites
  • Learn how to automate cheap database backups with Amazon S3
  • $$ Make money by using these skills to run a web hosting company
  • $$ Make consistent monthly income by having your clients host with your low-overhead hosting business
  • Go faster with the automated installation script of everything you will learn in this course

What is the target audience?

  • This course is for students with an intermediate knowledge of web technologies. Students should have some knowledge of the command line and basic commands such as chmod, chown, cd, and what sudo is. Students should also understand what a database is and administration tools like phpMyAdmin, and have a basic knowledge of web servers such as Apache and Nginx.
  • Although this course is focused on students with some technical know-how on a Linux-based environment, students who have a will to learn can pick up things quickly.
  • This course is not designed for those who have never set up a database, don’t understand the concepts behind what a web server does or have never used the command line.
  • This course is designed for you to come prepared with the basic knowledge of Linux, WordPress , MySQL, phpMyAdmin and how they are used.

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